Excellent Capability for Fluorescence Taking advantage of the ultra high signal to noise ratio sensor, TrueChrome Metrics provides for up to 10 seconds exposure time and gets finest detailed images, even for low light fluorescence. Public Pricelist Public Pricelist. Tucsen ISH brochure moreā€¦. The Menu is mouse driven. It is also possible to play back the videos from the SD card directly. Just click the button to start recording P videos at 30fps.

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Dhyana BSI A new breakthrough, for new discoveries! The Ticsen Metrics provides extremely powerful measurement functionality including: With tucsen camera mouse you can capture images and movies on the onboard SD card.

CMOS camera | Industrial camera | microscope camera | USB camera | CCD camera

When connected to Windows computer live text and measurements tucsen camera be added to presentation. In addition to microns, TrueChrome Metrics also supports millimeters, centimeters of up to two orders of magnitude and can fully meet the needs of users under different scenarios of diverse measurement applications.

The read noise of the Dhyana DC is only 1. Compared with 1st generation TrueChrome where only auto exposure was available, the ease of use has been significantly improved and moreover, the sensitivity is times higher. The Dhyana DC delived both research grade sensitivity and perfect tucsen camera reproduction.

Moreover, the TCapture is completely free of tucaen. TrueChrome Metrics supports both Excel and text file save formats. Thanks to its sensitivity, perfect tucsen camera reproduction and impressive noise minimization, the Dhyana DC creates a new paradigm in color scientific imaging performance.

The TrueChrome Metrics has an embedded professional digital image metrology system incorporating tucsen camera wealth of measuring tools which deliver micron measurement accuracy. The recorded video files will be saved to the high speed SD card directly. The cwmera interface, complete camera parameter control, advanced image processing functions, live and still image measurements provide camerw highly efficient workflow.

HD Lite Retina Screen. The unique calibration and magnification functions coupled with tucsen camera ability to export the results to Excel or text files, make the measurements more convenient and simple. It enables rapid location of the required area.

Taking advantage of the ultra-high signal to noise ratio sensor, TrueChrome IIS allows you to set up to 10 seconds exposure time. There is no need vamera tucsen camera PC.

Fitted with TCN 0. With built-in critical dimensioning functionality, the TruechromellS is not only tucsen camera superb imaging camera, but also a powerful metrology tool.

TCapture provides tucsen camera full control of Tucsen cameras. Whether it’s a bright field or a dark field, the image fidelity is perfect without the need for manual adjustments.

ASP-ISH500 1/2.5″ chip 5.0 mega pixel color Tucsen Scientific Camera

A true color experience! It provides the user high productivity cammera analysis via an intuitive interface. The following comparison images show the amazing 3D noise reduction effect. It is also possible to play tucsen camera the videos from the SD tucsen camera directly. Convenient measurement data management. The incredibly efficient 3D noise reduction performance delivers finest detailed images for low light fluorescence. Neuronal fluorescence imaging Special Applications.

The 16 bit ADC guarantees tucsen camera quality of image tone and detailed differences can be resolved so the monitor image is matched tucsen camera the eyepiece view. Just click the button to start recording P videos at 30fps. We also have a range of adjustable eyepiece adapters in a range of magnifications to suit your camera sensor size, please ask.

It is designed specifically for industrial environments. Terpene glycol hydrate under polarized light Bright Field Applications.

This is an ideal research quality camera for Fluorescence and tucsen camera low light applications or standard microscopy. The software provides camera control and allows the capture of stills and movies.