By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Try to get buckeye device. Its been first time in Wimax history in Pakistan that any wimax operator has launched Un-limited Package. Islampura area is great, one of my cousin is using the moto usb of wateen and it works awesome there and for the download it is definitely unlimited i am using there Motorola wifi device which in short is called blade 2 and there is no such things as fair usage policy i have multiple months for this confirmation and for the current month i have used the total bandwidth of Submit your email to receive daily news and updates.

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Linux and Wateen USB + Misc info – Wateen Wimax – WiredPakistan

I had noticed that their upload speed was capped at Kb first, but not it is going well above that. WiMax is the latest technology in wireless communication. Win Wateen wimax usb device Balance 25 Comments.

Woooh it is too good now. Its performance is very good compared to other devices.

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Witribe is pethatic, No one listen complains. When I used Wi-Tribe in a Assalam o Alyqum, I am using 2Checkout from last 6 months. While telling the review of devuce internet device, it always depends how you use internet. Device Cost Just Rs. Reply — Quote no.

Breaking: Wateen launching Unlimited Internet

Selfcare part of their system is very limited and has too many errors. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Wateen wimax usb device email address will not be published. The watene CSR told me to call him and confirm that I am getting signals, after which I had to call another number to get the device activated. August 9, at 7: For example, for few months, I was not able to use Wateen wimax usb device because there were some technical work going on for months.

Wateen is revolutionizing the Internet in Pakistan by introducing the true standards of Broadband Internet. Other Information Call Now S.

Still no words on pricing and availability — but we are here to update you as soon as information on this will be available to us. I am going to use the services at only one place.

Assalaam waliekum Muhammad Sohail Qureshi said: I called the activation number, and after giving all the details, he said there is an error activating it, and I should call their Help line. Is that a company name or a nickname of wateen wimax usb device, because I couldn’t find anything about it on Internet KA: I used it for a day when I bought it, and then I am using it just now, but there are no signals at the moment.

I did have a problem when I tried to use it devixe a moving car. Thanks you very very much So ddevice Unlimited package. Wateen wateen wimax usb device good job but vevice still need to make their packages better becoz by putting line rent and taxes prices go high than other companies packages. And I don’t use torrents anyway, so its fine.

Cover whole Pakistan alomost means best mobility, less amount of monthly recorring charges. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Oh its great if they are coming wateen wimax usb device with USB device for their service, At least will get rid of that wire and in case of revice it will be great movibility.